stretch marks under chin

sturizer, massage generous amounts into your skin. You can try buying bottles of pure Vitamin E & massage that into your skin. You can try purchasing an Aloe Vera plant, cut the leaves, get the gel from the plant and massage it into your skin. Aloe vera helps heal the skin, and it also has vitamin E.

How to remove stretch marks?
Dermabrasion can also be used on stretch marks.
Use ranch ketchup and caramel and mix it it is proven to fight strctch marks because the ketchup burns the bd stuff and the caramel seals it.
you excersise
you cant..apply bio oil will make them lighter..but they will never go..
So far, so good. No stretch marks, but I would like to prevent strecth marks as much as possible. I'm going into my third month of pregnancy and I will probably start gaining some weight soon. (I'm underweight so my doc put me on a fatty diet, since Iv'e lost 7 lbs already) I know that cocoa butter is recommeded, however the smell makes me sick to my stomach. I bought St. Ives Vitiman E lotion, is there anything else that works well? Thanks so much!
Nobody wants to develop stretch marks, but when you’re pregnant you know that, along with nausea, fatigue, backaches and frequent urination, stretch marks are another distinct, unpleasant possibility. In truth, between 75 and 90 percent of all pregnant women (90 percent of white women) develop stretch marks during pregnancy. Look for the angry red lines to appear on your bulging abdomen, usually during the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. But don’t stop there - there are a few other places y

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